Top Ten Live Another Mother Runner Moments

I —this is Adrienne —could make my own personal list of Top Ten Memorable AMR Live Moments. But the moment that would take the top spot is the Cape Cod Half in 2018, which I (and some of that year's retreat attendees) ran while a nor'easter raged around us.

It's surprisingly fun to run in near-apocalypic weather. Not only do you feel like a total badass for weeks afterward, the craziness of a run into 40 m.p.h. winds, near-freezing rain, and pelting salt spray really brings out the old joie d'vivre if you can adjust your attitude and just lean into it.

Once you embrace the suck, you free yourself for pleasant surprises about little things. Like air temps that are ten degrees warmer than anticipated or a moment when you are sheltered from the wind.

Above all else, salt and sand blown into your face for nearly three hours makes for an excellent exfoliant. My skin has never been more baby smooth than it was after that race.

Which isn't to say I'd jump to do it again, mind, mostly because it took a good six months before my heinie thawed all the way.

But it is an experience I'm happy to have had.

Running the Cape Cod Half Marathon in a Nor'easter is our #1 Live AMR Moment; check out the others!

2 responses to “Top Ten Live Another Mother Runner Moments

  1. Oh, so many of these!!!! I am so happy to have experienced many of these moments and had some of my own as well. Thank you for an amazing 10 years!!!

  2. I ran the Chowdah Challenge in 2018 and loved every minute of running in the Nor’easter. That was most BAMR feeling you could ever have. I’d do that again in a heartbeat!

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