If you’ve had the idea of a trying a triathlon zooming around in your head, this is your summer to put together the swim, bike, and run. Dimity and co-host Sarah Wassner Flynn, along with Train Like a Mother Triathlon coaches Liz Waterstraat and Jen Harrison, talk through the basics of starting a triathlon.

The four convince you by chatting about:
—How to overcome the barriers to swimming, often the hardest discipline for beginners;
—Why you don’t need to overinvest in any equipment, especially a bike;
—Why your body will likely thrive on mixing up your running training;
—and the in-person, really fun Race Like a Mother program at The Forge triathlon outside of Chicago this summer.

Program Links:
Race Like a Mother: Sprint Triathlon (12 weeks: May 2 – July 23, 2022)
Train Like a Mother Triathlon programs

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