Whether you imbibe alcohol or not, or are concerned about your drinking or not, you’ll gain insight and empathy by listening to this episode. Guests Celeste Yvonne, author of It’s Not About the Wineand Amanda Kuda, who wrote the upcoming Unbottled Potential, open up with hosts Sarah and Molly about:

-how giving up alcohol allows them to live more fully;
-what a “gray-area drinker” is—and why it can be a bad place;
-how sober-curious folks can “try on” sobriety;
-getting comfortable with meditation—and its role as a sobriety-tool; and,

-making friends and socializing as a non-drinker.

Molly tells of her recent hiking excursion with her youngest daughter before the first guest joins around 11:45. Listen to the end of the ep to hear Coach Liz extol two topnotch books that’ll strengthen your mental game in Miles of Books.

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