Love that our model drooled. All the items we ship are saliva free.

Born to run x 3.

I—Dimity—just dropped off our kids at sleepaway camp until Friday. It’s the second year for Amelia (just turned 11) and the first for Ben (8). Once we got them checked in and lower bunks made—we weren’t early enough so they could grab a prize upper bunk—they were done with me. “Can I take a quick picture of you on your bunk?,” I asked Ben, who, after 20 minutes, was outside running around with his soon-to-be-best pals. “No.” This is what I got instead.

I could love on the legs of Claire (11 months) all day long.

Love that Claire, our model, drooled on her high fashion. Rest assured, all the items we ship are saliva-free.

I’m not complaining; Lord knows, nearly six days of no kids is good for all aspects of my life. (My main focus until July 4: Mother Runner Book #3. And I can’t wait. I looove working on it.) But what I am saying is what you likely already know: Where did the time go? How did my Ben, who I swear could’ve just fit into this onesie, now at sleepaway camp for a week? (And you just know he’s coming back way more independent. Hope he still allows me to love on him.)

Shower a future mother runner with this combo.

Shower a future mother runner with this combo.

Which is a long way of getting to the point of this post: the born to run baby onesie is AMR’s first shot at clothing for the offspring. We’ve got it solo ($15) and packaged with a signed copy of Run Like a Mother ($25), which makes a pretty awesome baby shower gift. (Something for the mom; something for the peanut.)

As for me, I’m considering grabbing a onesie, rubbing mashed up carrots and black beans into it, spilling grape juice on it, washing it about 40 times, and stashing it with the other clothes I’m saving for when my kids have kids…and I get to start this process all over. For now, though, I’ll  happily enjoy a week of peace + quiet.

Do you want us to start carrying more kids stuff? If so, any styles and phrases appeal to you?