Have you had to—or are you contemplating—giving up running because of injury and/or chronic pain? The Final Finish Line, a special four-part series, will be cathartic and helpful as you figure out your next steps.

In episode #2, Dimity talks to runner Gretchen Gibson, who had a knee and hip replacement within six months of each other, and Dr. Dan Myer, her orthopedic surgeon, who also remodeled his running career after serious injury.

The trio cover:

  • How Gretchen’s torn meniscus was actually a short-term problem on top of a long-term problem;
  • Why Dan always asks a patient, “What is the goal here?”;
  • The reason Dan (gently) suggested Gretchen find another athletic passion;
  • How Gretchen, who has crossed 15 half marathon and 2 marathon finish lines, is coping without running;
  • Where Gretchen is currently finding some sweaty and satisfying success.

In the monthly Nourished on the Run segment, Ellie Kempton, MS, RDN, and Dimity cover the basics of blood sugar: what it is, why it matters (to everyone, not just diabetics), and a few easy ways to keep yours more stable. We also invite you to join our free Blood Sugar Badass Challenge, September 26-29: register here.

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