On today’s episode of  Many Happy Miles we’re venturing into the woods. Or, rather, we are bringing on someone who spends a lot of time in the woods as an ultra-runner–and a very accomplished one, at that. Our guest? John Kelly, a dad of four, and one of just three finishers of the grueling Barkley Marathons–a 120+ mile, 3-day race in the mountains of Tennessee. Dimity and Sarah WF pepper John with questions about his recent Barkley finish, with topics including:

  • How his childhood wanderings lead him to his passion for the trails;
  • The weirdest things that’ve happened to him in the woods;
  • How fatherhood has prepped him for the rigors of ultrarunning and;
  • His unique strategy for napping on the run, and more!

Learn more about the Barkley Marathons phenomenon (AKA “the race that eats its young) by watching this documentary.

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