If you love cycling or just love empowering stories about changemakers, this episode of Many Happy Miles is for you. Our guest is Marley Blonsky, a self-described “fat adventure cyclist, advocate and influencer,” who shares her knowledge about and joy of cycling with hosts Dimity and Sarah WF. In this episode, Marley covers:

  • Why we need more “big babes” on bikes;
  • The experience of starting and growing her non-profit, All Bodies on Bikes;
  • The unique cycling culture of her adopted hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas;
  • How to be less intimidated in a bike shop, how to be safe on the roads, and how to find other people to ride with.
Be sure to listen all the way through to hear the debut of Nourished on the Run, a new bonus segment with Dimity & Ellie Kempton, RD, MSN. The two dive straight into the toilet bowl and give the 4-1-1 on the importance of regularity.


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