The socks in question.

The socks in question.

Here’s Adrienne Martini, of the popular Martini Fridays, last column until July 7, when she starts in on her 13.FUN journey, and then she’s back to add an olive to our Fridays on a weekly basis. (You can join her—and us—in 13.FUN by registering here.)

Before I delve into what’s currently on my running mind, I have to take a moment to thank all y’all for the kind thoughts about my family’s loss. It means a lot to me. We’re muddling through, as one does.

Back to my running mind. Socks are the first thing spinning around in there. Specifically the socks above.

I bought these beauties—they were prettier fresh—during a trip to Disney last January. When I got home, I tore them out of the packaging, washed them, then ran in them. It was bliss. These are my Platonic ideal running sock. But after so many miles, they are starting to look a little sad. Now, I only wear them for extra long runs so that I can make them last.

I want to replace them with many, many more pairs of their siblings but can’t figure out what they are actually called. I’ve searched websites, including Mizuno’s. I’ve trolled running shops both big, small, and online. I suspect they are an older model that has slipped out of production. What I’ve found are socks that almost look like these, but not quite. Can anyone help me out?

And then the dog decided to “help” me take a picture.

And then the dog decided to “help” me take a picture.

Socks aside, after so many months of not training for anything at all, other than, you know, life, I’m ready to think about 13.FUN and the half-marathon I’ll be running in Syracuse  in October. More specifically, I’m thinking about which training plan to follow. There are three options:  run/walk, run, and race.

Given that I have one half under my running skirt, which sounds naughtier than intended, the run/walk isn’t the right plan for me. By eliminating one possibility, I’m left with just two. It should be easy to choose between just two things. It should also be easy to get the kids to unload the dishwasher because it’s a chore they do every dang day. And, yet, as I type this, the dishwasher remains unemptied.

To run or to race; that is the question. The run plan is more or less the one I trained with for the Pittsburgh Half. It is a fine, fine plan and it got me where I wanted to go. I have zero issues with taking it on again.

The race plan keeps winking at me, though. It ups the speedwork and intensity, which is appealing since I’d like to run just a smidge faster this time around. On the plus side, there are no Tuesday 7-milers, which were a bear to fit into my schedule. On the minus, the long runs are really, really long, like 14 and 15 miles toward the end.

And the Boy had to get involved, too. Ah, summer vacation.

And the Boy had to get involved, too. Ah, summer vacation.

I know, I know. As many have said, by the time I get there I’ll be ready for them. But I think those many are out of their minds. My longest run ever was 13.1 miles — and that was a huge push. Now, 6 weeks removed from running that personal best, I don’t even know how I did it. Lately, after six miles I’m ready to pack it in and have a nice, refreshing beverage with a little paper umbrella in it. Those six mile runs have ranged from “meh” to “ugh.” How on Earth could I run 15?

And, yet, there’s still a part of me that wants to move beyond just getting the 13.1 done. I would like to go just a smidge faster. Disbelief aside— I once didn’t think I could ever run 10 miles—the race plan might be my best hope.

But there’s comfort in the familiar. I could just push myself to run the shorter distances faster on the run plan, right? I already have a decent idea about what those 15 weeks will mean, both in terms of physical and temporal commitment.

So that’s where I’m stuck. Should I go with the scary race plan, even though I have zero intention of actually racing-racing but would like to move faster? Or should I stick with the familiar run plan, even though I’m not sure I will have the gumption to push myself where needed? (Just to further muddy the waters : the race plan will be more fun for me to write about, even if ends as a cautionary tale rather than a song of victory.)

So what do you think, mother runners? Anyone care to weigh in? And socks? Can anybody help me find my version of Sock Utopia?