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Mother Runners of the Month: Rhianna Stave + Licinia “Lulu” Barrueco Kaliher

Each month, we celebrate two athletes monthly in our #motherrunnner community.
[because sports awards aren’t just for youth soccer]

One athlete participates in our Many Happy Miles program and the other one is in a Train Like a Mother Club program: nothing like vicariously living through workout specifics, training cycles, and upcoming (virtual) races, right?

More importantly, they both epitomize the traits that keep us all moving forward: perspective, diligence, badassery, flexibility, and grit.


Location: Roseville, Minnesota

Kids: Four daughters, six chickens, and one canary.

What's your running story?
After my first daughter was born, I wanted to have a quick workout without losing time going to and from a gym, so I laced up my shoes and went for a run. It was hard. I would run once or twice a week, two miles each time. It never felt like it got easier…and then I’d have another kid and have to start all over again.

In 2013, after my fourth was born, I joined a group called Moms on the Run to get out of the house and moving again.  Meeting this wonderful group of women made running easier. I started to find myself again, after feeling lost for so many years.

Overtime, running has become so much more than just a quick workout. I have formed wonderful friendships, went on some amazing trips for races, and have found comfort and solace putting on shoes and stepping out the door.

I’ve run countless 5ks and 10ks, three 10-milers, 10 half-marathons, a 25k trail race, two Ragnar relays, two marathons and a 50k.

Why did you join Many Happy Miles?
I joined Many Happy Miles to give me a little extra support with workouts when I’m not on a training plan.  I love the focus on strength and the new workout plan for each month, so that there is always something new to look forward to.

Best workout in Many Happy Miles so far:
I LOVED the 100s strength workout in May, celebrating Stacy’s Grandma’s 100th birthday.  It was hard, but also fun and celebratory. 

The best running workout was the Pyramid Light workout in August.  It was hot and I was weary, and it gave me permission to walk after each interval, which I usually don’t do.

Hardest workout in Many Happy Miles so far:
Hills.  Any hill workout is my least favorite. 

Upcoming races?
I ran the Twin Cities Marathon virtually in October, so I’m just now looking to what comes next.  I was supposed to run the Las Vegas Rock and Roll half-marathon in November, but that has been cancelled due to Covid.

When I run, I feel: free!


Program: Heart + Sole: Half-Marathon, Level 1

Location: Wilmington, Delaware

Kids: Two kids, one dog, one cat, one hamster, too many fish, and one turtle.

What’s your running story?
I started running in the late '90s when I met my husband. He was a XC runner so I asked him to teach me to run. When I entered my first 5k and placed 3rd in my age group, I was hooked.

Over the past 20 years, I've run numerous 5ks, 10ks, half-marathons, and one marathon. I keep running for my health and to use up all my energy!

What led you to choosing the Heart + Sole: Half-Marathon, Level 1 and why do you enjoy it?
I kept getting injured running long races, especially after my Marine Corps marathon in 2017. I stopped running and switched to triathlons.

But the itch was there to get back into long-distance running. After doing former Train Like a Mother programs, Heart Rate 101 and Heart Rate 102, I wanted a bigger challenge and to see if I could come back to long-distance.

The Heart + Sole: Half-Marathon, Level 1 program has really changed how I perceive heart rate training and speed. I am now stronger and more confident than any other training program I have done. Not one injury or pain plus I'm getting faster! 

Best workout in Heart + Sole: Half-Marathon, Level 1 so far:
Though at first I didn't look forward to them and couldn't get them done, the interval workouts are now my favorite. When I don't see them in the week of workouts, I miss getting to the track and hitting the goal pace and sets.

It's very intimidating to see repeat 1200s or 1600s at a specific goal pace, but once I did them I was more confident in my body and getting out of my head.

Most challenging workout in Heart + Sole: Half-Marathon, Level 1 so far:
Any of the long progressive runs - where you deliberately moderate effort by monitoring your zones at different parts of the run.

Do you have a goal race?
A virtual Rock n Rock Half-Marathon.

What is your goal for your half-marathon?
Simple - 2 hours 30 minutes

When I run, I feel: freedom and one with the earth.

2 responses to “Mother Runners of the Month: Rhianna Stave + Licinia “Lulu” Barrueco Kaliher

  1. Rhianna and Lulu~you are both AMAZING and well deserving of your athlete of the month titles! Rhianna, let’s hope my grandma makes it to 101 and we can do the 101 strength circuit in May. Her health is great, so there’s a good chance it will happen. That workout was HARD, plus Dimity and I were talking the whole time and we probably did a few extra reps!!! Congrats again ladies!

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