Want to run faster, farther—and forever? Eric Orton, running coach and co-author of the brand-new book Born to Run 2: The Ultimate Training Guide, is here to tell you how. Orton teamed up with bestselling author Chris McDougall to write this sequel to the 2013 groundbreaking book Born to Run, and now they’re back with this comprehensive guide that combines Chris’s compelling storytelling with Eric’s expertise to cover it all. In this episode, Dimity and Sarah WF have a lively chat with Eric discussing…

  • Why pain should never be the price of admission when it comes to running
  • The importance of foot strength and foot positioning in running—and the simple exercise we should all be doing daily
  • How “movement snacks” can increase mobility and prevent injury
  • Looking at running as an artform that we continuously practice

Be sure to tune into Friday’s episode with Sarah Bowen Shea and co-host Molly Williams as they bring on McDougall to complete the Born to Run 2 crossover! 

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