Whether you’re a rugby fan or know very little about the sport, you’ll want to hear this chat with Naya Tapper, an influential athlete who’s changing the game in so many ways. A true star of the sport, Naya led Team USA to its very first Pan American Games gold medal in November, competed at the Tokyo Games and will return to the Olympics in Paris this summer. On this candid episode, Naya joins us from the U.S. Olympic Training Center to chat with co-hosts Dimity and Sarah WF on a variety of topics, including:

  • how her background as a runner helps her shine on the pitch;
  • rugby rules and lingo;
  • diversity in the sport and debunking the stigmas attached to it;
  • being a role model and how she gives back;
  • her guest stint on Project Runway…and more!

Know a kid who may want to follow in Naya’s footsteps? Head to USA Rugby for resources on youth and high school opportunities. And click here to learn more about the Naya Tapper Scholarship Program.

And here’s the hiking program Dimity mentions in the episode.

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