How do you stay present as a parent while pursuing a high level of fitness? Is the idea of a “super mom” just a myth? These are just two of the myriad topics Dimity and Sarah WF touch on in this conversation with Diana Cohen—an associate professor of political science at Central Connecticut State University and author of an ongoing study on Iron Moms (AKA women who pursue Ironman triathlons as a hobby while balancing family and career). The hosts bring Diana on the podcast to broaden her scope of her study to mother runners, too, and to talk about:

  • Diana’s background as a triathlete and how she blended her passion for endurance sports with social science;
  • Her studies of both “Iron Dads” and “Iron Moms” and the biggest differences between the genders;
  • The pervasiveness of mom guilt and what we can do about it;
  • The myth of the “Super Mom” and the role social media plays in perpetuating that myth, and more.

Read Sarah’s piece on Diana’s study on . If you’re training for an Ironman, have a child or children 12 or under, and you’re interested in participating in the study, you can contact Diana via email.

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