Anyone considering or training for a half-marathon or marathon needs to listen to this episode with running legend Deena Kastor, Olympic bronze medalist in marathon and author of Let Your Mind Run. With hosts Sarah Bowen Shea and Liz Waterstraat, Deena shares:

-ways to banish the intimidation factor of a long run;
-what “the insistent mind” is—and how to get into it;
-positive interpretations of the signals your body sends you mid-run;
-her acceptance of slowing down + running shorter races; and,

-the power of tune-up races—and inspirational quotes.

Chug GU Hydration every time the gals say “ramekins!” The hosts talk overnight oats (!) before Deena joins around 10:05. Miles of Books is at the end of the episode, with Coach Liz talking about three books and issuing a listener “challenge.”

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