Some nights, sleep feels elusive—like a race goal forever slightly beyond our grasp—while other nights, it overtakes us as gently as a breeze on a springtime run. In an attempt to make sleep more consistent and attainable, we turned to our brand ambassadors for their sure-thing solutions for falling asleep faster or more soundly.

Here are 10 sleep hacks for runners crowdsourced from our BAMRbassadors. (For more sleep advice, listen to the Another Mother Runner podcast on March 1; until then, listen to this 2021 sleep-related episode featuring more BAMRbassadors.) Sleep tight!

“I take magnesium glycinate every night. It promotes restful sleep, plus it’s fantastic for exercise recovery. I’ve read it helps your muscles contract, which helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. The magnesium has been life changing. I used to wake up full of anxiety and shoot out of bed, feeling like I never slept. Now I wake feeling rested, stretch in bed, and gradually get up with zero anxiety.”  —Jaime, who also sleeps with one foot outside the covers to prevent overheating

“My husband bought me a Bare Home 17-pound weighted blanket for a present. I tend to be cold, and our two dogs share our bed so he thought I should have my own blanket. I instantly felt a relief when I started sleeping with it: The racing thoughts and anxiety I often feel as I drift off weren’t as prevalent. It used to take me 10 to 15 minutes to fall asleep, and now it’s usually about 5 minutes. I bring my weighted blanket on road trips—it’s as important of a travel companion as my toothbrush.” —Leah, who typically exercises at night

“The Manta sleep mask is great because it totally blocks out all light. Think of two soft, fabric ‘doughnuts’ around your eyes. Unlike silk ones that fall off, it stays in place. Plus, the back strap is soft and doesn’t get caught on your hair. It’s pricey but worth it.” —Andrea, who typically takes two melatonin gummies before bedtime

“I know it’s not good practice to use a screen before bed, but I enjoy playing a few hands of online solitaire. It really helps me relax! I love to drink Tazo Wild Sweet Orange herbal tea—it helps me get sleepy.” —Ellen, who takes 200 mg of L-theanine

I read something—a real book or on my Kindle Paperwhite (rather than a bright device screen)—that ranges from boring to pleasantly light so it doesn’t fire up my brain too much. Or I listen to a boring podcast (never AMR!) or an Audible book, set to run for just 30 minutes rather than all night.” —Stephanie, who avoids caffeine after noon and alcohol 2-3 hours pre-bedtime

Ear plugs! I tried Loop Quiet, but they weren’t comfortable since I am a side-sleeper. Then I tried Earpeace but they’re awkward to put in. I now use Happy Ears—much easier to insert and super-comfortable. They block my husband’s snoring yet still let me hear my morning alarm.” —Liz, who also takes magnesium and L-theanine

I count breaths—my take on ‘counting sheep.’ In is 1; out is 2. I count to 10, then start again. If my mind drifts from the count, it’s easy to come back and re-start at 1. I find it super-calming. It’s so simplistic: It requires no mental strain or struggle. It doesn’t take much counting—usually three or four rounds of 10 before I drift off. I also find this tactic useful if I wake up in the middle of the night and my mind starts running. —Gretchen, a physician assistant who typically sleeps seven hours/night

“I recently started sleeping with a Lagoon pillow called the Meerkat, a lower-profile pillow that gives me some needed neck support without surrounding me with too much fill. The first night I used it, I got the longest sleep I’ve had in more than a year!” —Lorinda, an endurance athlete, mom of 10, and grandmother of 2

“I spend about five minutes at bedtime with Headspace app, and I listen to Sleepcasts when I need help falling back asleep in the middle of the night. I’ve been using Headspace for several years and it’s fantastic: I usually do the daily meditation, but they have entire courses. (The one on sports competition is excellent!) Sleepcasts are lovely little ‘stories’ in which nothing happens—just descriptions of stuff said in a soothing voice. My favorite is ‘Cat Marina’ with Mr. Soothing Voice describing a series of boats and the cats who live on them. Clearly I’m not the only fan of ‘Cat Marina’ because it’s the only Sleepcast with a sequel—‘Cat Marina 2!’” —Sarah, who now uses a Whoop to track her sleep

“Maybe this is TMI, but I recently told my husband I want to start seeing if I sleep better after some hanky-panky. Ha! I mentioned it to him more as a joke because he seems to sleep like a rock afterward! I have not started keeping track yet, but my hubby is 100% okay with being my guinea pig, though.” —Kary, a lunchtime runner