We enjoy taking a peek inside the heads of the members of Team Another Mother Runner, finding out what they are using, reading, listening to, watching, doing, cooking, and thinking. This time, we asked them to share their “guilty pleasures,” which most of them confessed to quickly. 

And we got bonus insight into one team member, podcast co-host and website columnist Tish Hamilton, who asserted, “I’m going to vote for taking the word ‘guilty’ out of pleasure.” Amen, sister! 

With that in mind, here are the pleasures of some Team AMR members. 

Ellison looks for crimes to solve

“British crime dramas. ‘Vera’ on Britbox is a current favorite. Great, spunky main character and a lovely northern England location. Also ‘Unforgotten’ on PBS. Wonderful characters and stories, very well written.
—Ellison Weist,
podcast co-host

Brandi indulging in a delicious mocktail

“Mocktails: They make me feel as if I am drinking sparkling wine even though they are zero-proof. The recipe I am vibing on right now is my blueberry mock mule, which is my remake of a mock mule I had at a local restaurant. I make it with the juice from half a lime, blueberry lemonade, ginger beer, and a splash of drinking lavender.” —Brandi Dockett, Many Happy Miles Strength Coach

Brooke travels for work, and a romance book in hand (or in her ears!) is a must

“Romance novels. In my job as a flight attendant, I get downtime to read, but it often comes in small chunks of time. Romance novels offer the perfect plot lines that are easy to pick up and put down often, without getting lost or forgetting important details. I’m devouring three to five books a week in physical form and audiobooks (most of which I get from the library). I’m a sucker for a good friends-to-lovers or enemies-to-lovers or fake-dating trope. Sometimes, I’m grocery shopping with my headphones in and a particularly salacious part will be playing in my ears, and I’m convinced everyone in Costco knows that I’m listening to something a little spicy!” —Brooke Thames, BAMRbassador Coordinator

Sunshine on Michelle’s shoulder makes her happy

“John Denver: My mom loved his music, so listening to it reminds me of her. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy and nostalgic for my childhood. And although super-cheesy and soooooo 70s, his music is very easy on the ears and instantly calms me down if I’m feeling stressed.” —Michelle San Antonio, Community Supporter 

Mandy carves out time for feathered friends

“I’m a total birder! I love to watch birds at my feeder; I use the Merlin app all the time; and my husband bought me binoculars for my 38th birthday! Maybe it just goes with my love of hiking and being outdoors.” —Mandy Cherry, TLAM Club 5K Coach

Coach Jen’s renovated workout room

“Decorating shows, books, magazines, and blogs. I really enjoy decorating, remodeling, and designing rooms and houses. When we built our current home, I worked closely with the general contractor and I loved the experience. All the moving pieces, the decision-making and planning! It is a way to work the other side of my brain, too—something very different than sport and coaching.” —Jennifer Harrison, Heart + Sole and Triathlon Programs Coach

Cathy adores her childhood books

“I love re-reading my favorite childhood books. Sometimes my brain needs the equivalent of comfort food, and that’s when I reach for my Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary, or Laura Ingalls Wilder. I can read them in one sitting, and I am transported back to my childhood bedroom when these chapters took me to a magical world outside of myself.” —Cathy Engstrom, TLAM Club website manager

Who was happier: Tish or her dogs?

“Over the holiday break, I luxuriated in sleeping without an alarm clock, waking whenever, and spending the first five minutes before getting out of bed snuggling with my two small dogs. (My partner gets up super early all the time, so no, I’m not ignoring him.) After years of having to be up by 5:00 a.m. to run before showering, getting my daughter ready for school, then driving a distant office, allowing myself to ease into the day just felt so, well, luxurious! (Note: I am back to teaching at 8 a.m., so this luxury is now on hold until June. Sob!)”
—Tish Hamilton,
podcast co-host

Your turn: What’s your (not) guilty pleasure?