Last week you met the three BAMRbassadors that are chasing big athletic goals in 2023. Today we’re checking-in with Laurel, Rebecca, and Nicole to see how their training is going and how they are beating the summer heat. We also asked them what they are listening to, watching, or reading after their workouts!

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BAMRBassador #1: Laurel Short; Leawood, KS

Have you started training for your Fall races yet? 
Yes! I am currently in the thick of training for an Olympic distance tri in Omaha on July 16 and the Madison Half Ironman on September 9. I will also do the half marathon at the AMR Hilton Head retreat! I work with a private coach, Coach Jen Harrison from the Train Like a Mother Club. :)
Have you run in your Topos yet? How do you like them?
I just received the black pair of phantom’s yesterday, so I will run in them this weekend. But I also recently ordered a new pair of Phantoms with the AMR discount code and have run in them twice- they feel great! The updated version feels a little more secure around the forefoot while still having a roomy toe box. My feet and legs were very happy to have new Topos!
Give me a song or podcast you’re listening to during your runs? Or do you run with a friend and chat? Or do you prefer the quiet?
On long runs I love chatting with my BRF Val, and on weekday runs I catch up on the AMR and That Triathlon Life podcasts. For hard intervals I crank up my power songs, which includes plenty of Taylor Swift and Pink :)

BAMRBassador #2: Nicole Albright; Shippensburg, PA

Have you started training for your Fall races yet? 
My training for the Dopey Challenge began the second week of May. For the first time I bought a tailor-made training plan from a coach. She was able to write it with two marathons in the fall in mind – A trail marathon in October and the Dopey Challenge in January. The training plan is 35 weeks long! It was nice to have a coach account for busy working-moming when building the plan. I’ve been very happy with it so far!
Have you run in your Topos yet? How do you like them?
I came home from vacation on Saturday, July 1 to find the Topo’s sitting in my driveway! I took them for a 3-mile test run the next day. When I put them on my feet I noticed that they didn’t feel stiff or that they needed a few miles to break in as most of my running shoes do. The run and ride was very enjoyable! I look forward to trying some mid-range miles in them this week. 
Any books or shows you are reading or watching right now after a long day of work/training/life that takes your mind off things?
I finished Celeste Ng’s “Our Missing Hearts” and Madeline Miller’s “Circe” at the beach last week – both decent beach reads! I’ve also been binging ‘Sex and the City’ from the beginning to get ready for the new season – Rewatching this show can be cringe-worthy at times, but it still makes me laugh out loud pretty frequently :-)

BAMRBassador #2: Rebecca Atkinson; Easley, SC

Have you started training for your Fall races yet? If not, when? 
Yes I started a few weeks ago using the Blue Ridge Better Together plan (30k). Coach Christy is heading up that group. I really like her drive and energy. I worked with her privately the last few months and when the Blue Ridge program and race was announced she was encouraging to try something new and go for a big distance!
If you’re not training, what do you do to keep your fitness up during the summer months? How do you combat the head and juggling kids at home?
I bounce between a training program and Many Happy Miles, but because of this Ultra trail training, I’m really starting to get into hiking! I definitely can feel my fitness level being pushed on a hike- it’s not a leisurely stroll! As for juggling kids at home I’m fortunate for two things- I have a very supportive husband who lets me go when I need to go and my kids are at the age where I can start leaving them at home for shorter-local runs.
Any books or shows you are reading or watching right now after a long day of work/training/life that takes your mind off things?
I’m reading like 5 books at a time- which really isn’t reading. So depending on my mood (novel, self-help, running, etc) I’ll pick up where I left off. As for shows/movies, I’m not consistently watching anything, although with the Blue Ridge trail training I’m hoping to finish The Crown during the power hike treadmill workouts! So far I’ve gotten through 2 additional episodes!

We’re starting small with three athletes, but we will also highlight other athletes this year so either leave a comment below or send us an email at bamr@anothermotherrunner.com and tell us what your athletic goals are in 2023. We’ll reach out for the chance to be featured in the AMR newsletter and on AMR’s social channels!