If you’re training for a fall marathon or half-marathon, you’ll want to listen to this episode as we chat about running all the miles in all of the heat and humidity. First, Sarah WF shares how she’s navigating training for the Marine Corps Marathon (check out this blog post for more on how SWF’s surviving the summer miles!). Then, the hosts bring on Better Together teammates Sarah Jensen (the protege) and Linda Bahnson (the mentor) who have paired up to build up to the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. Tune in for tips for training through the warm temps and plenty of honest insight on topics including:

  • Giving yourself plenty of grace (and adjusting your pace!) when it’s super-hot outside;
  • Keeping things lively by getting creative with your mileage;
  • The importance of hydrating on the go;
  • and much more!

Be sure to listen all the way through for the third installment of our Nourished on the Run segment. Dietitian Ellie Kempton, RD, MSN, and Dimity talk through accessible ways to mitigate the 2 a.m. wake-up—and Dimity learns a new fact about the liver. If you’re curious about the red screen, here you go. Two apps we love: Breathwrk and Insight Timer (for Yoga Nidra).

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